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*Have you tried to contact me, but never heard back?  In a super-fun technological glitch that existed for most of 2017 - I never received those emails. It's all fixed now. :)

Indianapolis, IN


How can I help you Thrive?  I'm Ellen Leonard, a huge nerd using my expertise in Ayurveda, Yoga, Positive Psychology, Stress Management and Health Coaching to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  Be happier, be healthier.

Initial Ayurveda Consultation

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Initial Ayurveda Consultation


Initial Ayurveda Consultation


The Initial Ayurveda Consultation includes a 90-minute consultation. Sessions are conducted in person or over the phone.

The initial 90-minute consultation:

  • in person or on phone/Skype/FaceTime

  • basic introduction to Ayurveda

  • discussion of how Ayurveda concepts apply to you directly

  • determination of your mind/body constitution or dosha

  • personalized Ayurveda plan to address your individual needs

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Initial 90 min consultation must occur within 30 days of purchase date.  In person or on phone, based on client preference.