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Traveling – Ayurveda Style


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Traveling – Ayurveda Style

Ellen Leonard

As the holiday season begins,
more of us will be travelling

Vata imbalances are common among travelers and are due to:

  • Disruption to your routine
  • Added movement
  • General bustling chaos of getting from one place to another

Common side-effects of Vata imbalances while traveling include:

  • Becoming less grounded
  • Racing mind
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Digestion issues
  • Sleeping issues
  • Constipation


Ayurveda has some great methods for maintaining health and balance while travelling

Consider these basics to start with:

1.     Pranayama –

You can always come back to the breath – sitting in the airport, crammed on a plane, stuck in the back seat of a car for a long drive, listening to your nutty family argue at the holiday dinner table.

Dirgha pranayama, or three-part breath, is an easy way to breathe diaphramatically without anyone knowing that you are doing anything – it grounds you, relaxes you, and will help keep Vata Dosha in balance.

2.     Take a break –

My vacations and travelling used to be ‘Go-Go-Go.’  How many monuments can we see in one day?  I don’t know, but let’s find out.  Then I would return from my vacation overwhelmed and exhausted, needing a vacation from my vacation. 

My new strategy:  Do Less.  Be More.  I schedule time-off during my vacation.  I take time to experience places and food and people, even if it means I get to do less. I found that I miss out on more when I’m rushed and not present.  Not only that, all of the rushing used to aggravate my already present Vata imbalance and would mess up my digestion, make me cranky, and decrease my enjoyment of things.

3.     Keep something from your regular routine

Inevitably, there is something that exists in your daily routine that you love and will always help to make you feel more balanced.  For my beloved spouse, it’s his coffee.  For me, it is my abhyanga practice, or self-oil massage.  For others it might be a specific drink or yoga or meditation or book or television show or journaling.  It’s something that is specific to you; it might change and evolve over time, but there is generally something that you do daily that is just for you.  Keep something constant while you travel.

4.     Stay hydrated –

Sipping warm or hot water throughout your day will help to keep you hydrated and balanced.  Consider a nice ginger tea to help soothe your digestion.  Or a simple lemon slice in your hot water to help stoke your agni, or digestive fire.

Travel smart this holiday season, and make keeping yourself nourished and grounded a priority.