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How can I help you Thrive?  I'm Ellen Leonard, a huge nerd using my expertise in Ayurveda, Yoga, Positive Psychology, Stress Management and Health Coaching to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  Be happier, be healthier.

Self-Love: the key ingredient in self-care


The Best Self Wellness blog discusses ideas for you to be your best self.  Discover what health and wellness professionals are doing for their health and wellness through interviews and features.  Learn about exciting academic research in the heath and wellness fields.  And read about some of my experiments gone awry in and some ideas I have about the fields of Yoga, Ayurveda, Positive Psychology, and Stress Management. 


Self-Love: the key ingredient in self-care

Ellen Leonard

Self-love is an easy concept to imagine and talk about, but it is incredibly challenging to implement.  At least for me.  I spend more time thinking about things that I do wrong and things that I could have done better or different, than I spend thinking about the many things that I did right or successfully accomplished.  If I want to be my healthiest and best self, then I better start believing in my general awesomeness. 

Self-care, taking care of yourself, begins with loving yourself. 
Exhausting?  Maybe. 
Impossible?  Definitely not!


Since last week was Love Bomb week, I thought it would be fun to explore giving yourself some extra love and care.

How can you be more kind to yourself? 
How can you be more loving to yourself? 


As my good friend and hug instructor Kattie Maffeo says,
“I better love myself, because I have to hang out with myself all the time.”


Self-love ideas:

1.  Taking the gratitude journal concept and instead of listing 3 things every day for which you are grateful, listing 3 things a day about yourself for which you are grateful.

2.  Creating an “I am” list to help you remember the awesome things about yourself. 
How do you come up with a list in the first place?  Think about things that you admire in other people.  Ask your friends and loved ones what they admire about you.  You will get a surprisingly awesome list. 

For example, on my list:  I am strong.  I am funny.  I am enough.

The last one is my favorite, and I repeat it often when I get overwhelmed. 

3.  Positive abhyangha – see previous post about this

4.  Making time just for you.  Even when life is crazy, kids are running around, and work kept you late, and dinner isn’t even in the realm of possibilities – find a way to give yourself the gift of time.  It could be 5 minutes of you hiding in your bathroom (ha! I’ve been known to do this at stressful holiday meals) or having a 5 minute dance party to your favorite song. 

In the end, loving yourself will just make things easier.  You won’t be wasting all of that time thinking about the things that you did wrong or why you think you suck, you can acknowledge your beautiful flaws and move forward.