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How can I help you Thrive?  I'm Ellen Leonard, a huge nerd using my expertise in Ayurveda, Yoga, Positive Psychology, Stress Management and Health Coaching to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  Be happier, be healthier.

Ghosts and Vampires, Oh My!  Ayurveda for Everyone at Halloween


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Ghosts and Vampires, Oh My! Ayurveda for Everyone at Halloween

Ellen Leonard

Ayurveda can help anyone live a happier and healthier life.  The holidays can be stressful for everyone.  As Halloween approaches, it’s important for Ghosts and Vampires to consider healthy choices to maintain their wellness during their busy holiday season.


Being comprised mostly of ether and air, Ghosts tend toward Vata imbalances

The qualities of Vata are light, mobile, clear, dry, and cold. 

Many Ghosts experience these qualities naturally on a daily basis. Fall is both Vata season and an extremely busy time for Ghosts due to the Halloween festivities; this combination can lead to more intense imbalances.

Common Ghost imbalances include:

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Racing mind
  • Nervousness
  • Constipation
  • Feeling like they are floating, or ungrounded
  • Emptiness
  • Feeling as though they might disappear

If you are a Ghost, how can you find balance using Ayurveda?

1.     Pranayama – there are many simple breathing techniques that can help you feel more centered, grounded, and balanced.  You may not need to breathe any more, but pranayama can help you find more focus.

2.     Don’t over-committ – with family commitments, the holidays can be overwhelming – it’s ok to say no

3.     Affirmation – repeating a phrase can be comforting and help to make you feel more grounded – a classic like ‘redrum’ is actually not going to support you as well as something like ‘I breath in and I forgive” or “I accept myself exactly as I am”


Vampire doshic constitutions are largely related to their prakruti, or base constitution, from when they were humans.  However, once they became a vampire several qualities became emphasized. 

New Vampires, during their blood lust phase, can tend toward Pitta imbalances.

Common Vampire Pitta imbalances can include: anger, frustration, single-minded determination

Ayurveda recommendations include:

    1. Stick to a routine to help ground and balance.
    2. Find time to play and relax - it's ok to have fun.
    3. Coconut oil can be very soothing - consider the daily practice of self-oil massage, abhyanga
    4. Dental health is extremely important as a vampire - try oil pulling with Coconut oil
    5. Consider adding cardamom to your blood, to cut down on the stimulating effects and acidity, as well as to help with digestion.

    As they get older and the realities of immortality settle in, Vampires tend toward the Kapha imbalances of depression and lethargy.  During the busy season of Halloween, it’s important to support yourself so that you can be at your optimal health.

    1. Don't snack between meals - Ayurveda believes that your agni, or digestive fire, needs time to rebuild - you should be hungry for your meals
    2. Hugs and snuggling can help you feel more nourished and supported
    3. Get up and moving!  Consider chasing a beautiful woman through a graveyard.  Or maybe a daytime run through the sewers would be fun.  Many gyms are now open 24 hours, allowing you time to get in a workout at night.  Consider working out during the Kapha time of night from 6-10pm.  Or, try a hot yoga class to counter the natural cold in your body.
    4. While garlic is not an option, ginger helps to stimulate digestion and is very warming. 


    Most importantly - listen to your body, mind and spirit.  
    What would serve you best? 

    Ayurveda can be help anyone find balance during their busiest seasons.