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Falling into Health: Seasonal Self-Care


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Falling into Health: Seasonal Self-Care

Ellen Leonard

The Starks are correct: Winter is coming.  Summer is gone, it is now fall, and it will soon be winter.

Why should you care about
the transition of the seasons?

You are a part of nature!  #truestory  As much as you are a part of the modern world, your body recognizes what is going on around it.  Listen to your body and use Ayurveda to help cultivate awareness.

When you are more aware, then you can better support your body.  Listen to what it wants and then act on it.  For example, fall is cool and dry and mobile – which means that you dry out just like the leaves do.  Are you going to spend the next few months scratching your dry skin or do you want to do something about it?

What can you do to honor the seasonal transition?

1.  Seek balance. 

If it’s cool in the fall and cold in the winter, then balance those qualities with warming foods and activities.  Hearty soups, yummy Mac n Cheese, and warm cooked root veggies to nourish and warm you.  Consider switching from cold water to warm water.  Fall is also dry, try seeking the opposite by staying hydrated inside and out. 

2.  Just say ‘No’!

Fall is windy and mobile, winter has become incredibly hectic during the holiday season – consider finding a way to commit to less.  While it’s important to keep physically active in the fall and winter, try nourishing yourself by honoring the limits of the space time continuum.  There are only so many hours in the day.  Just say ‘No’ and don’t over commit. Seasons are a great time to incorporate meaningful change into your life.  As the trees lose their leaves, consider letting something go that is no longer serving you. 

3.  Abhyangha

I wrote a previous blog about Positive Abhyangha, but basically rubbing warm oil on yourself not only feels awesome but will help strengthen and warm you during the cool Fall and cold Winter.

You change what you wear seasonally,
why wouldn’t you change what you eat or what you do? 

These are just some simple ideas.  There will be a more indepth look at these concepts and additional ideas during Fall into Health: Seasonal Wellness Strategies to Beat the Winter Blues.  Or, consider a private Ayurveda consultation.

Saturday September 24th, 1-3pm
at Peace Through Yoga Zionsville Location

The workshop will discuss:

    Qualities of seasons
    Food choices for fall and winter
    Supportive lifestyle practices
    Immunity-boosting ideas
    Strategies to handle the stressful holiday season
    The importance of self care for immunity, strength, improved sleep, water intake and balance