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Ayurvedic Cleansing – A Gentle Reset


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Ayurvedic Cleansing – A Gentle Reset

Ellen Leonard


The word ‘cleanse’ is used with increasing frequency in the health and wellness industry. 

I decided to come up with a new word for discussing the Ayurvedic version of a ‘cleanse,’ one that would let people know that
it is a way to gently nourish and support your body. 

So, here it is (drumroll please….) – a Reset. 
Yup, I’m not very creative.  So, let’s add an adjective – a Gentle Reset. 

Ayurveda encourages a Gentle Reset seasonally.  I think this is an awesome idea: each season I get a chance to Gently Reset my body and mind. 

Things I love about an Ayurveda Gentle Reset

1.  I have an excuse to take a break from sugar, alcohol, and caffeine.

I love all of these things, but when I take a break from all of them at the same time, my body and mind feel lighter and clear. 

*warning: when considering removing caffeine from your life, be sure to do so gradually to avoid the dreaded caffeine headache

2.  I don’t have to think about what I’m going to eat or make for dinner. 

A part of the Ayurveda Gentle Reset is a Kitchari monodiet, which means you eat nothing but Kitchari for a few days.  Not only do I like how Kitchari tastes, but removing the decision of what to eat or what to cook from my life for a few days is an amazing gift.  It’s a beautifully layered simplification: my life is simplified by cooking only one thing and my body is simplified by only having to digest one thing. 

3.  A chance to disconnect. 

An integral part of my Ayurveda Gentle Reset is an entire day where I am disconnected from my electronics.  It turns out that I can survive without my iPhone.  If at all possible, this is also a day of silence.  Silence is one of my favorite sounds. 

For me, the Ayurveda Gentle Reset (or cleanse)
is a gift to myself. 
A chance to look inward and consider
what choices in my life support me best,
and what things are no longer nourishing me. 

Here is some info on cooking Kitchari  

Here is a great article about Seasonal Cleansing
(aka Seasonal Ayurveda Gentle Reset)


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